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The history of computers initially started with humans using tools like pebbles and notches in sticks to count objects. The human aspect of computers is that they wanted a way to do calculations, which includes adding and multiplying multiple numbers. The manual calculator was one of beginning stages of computer history, even though humans were the ones who had to perform the calculations. The manual computer had the abacus, which was a frame that contains beads mounted on rods. This technology was used in Rome, Greece, India, China, and Japan.
In 1623, Wilhem Schicard, a college professor, developed the first mechanical calculator. It performed by itself, although a human had to enter the numbers. Later, a mathematician named Charles
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That computer was innovative in developing memory in computers.
These inventors and entrepreneurs set the stage for the development of the current personal computers. During the 1950s, UNIVAC was established as the first digital computer. J.Preper and John Mauchly were the backers of UNIVAC, although they saw this computer to be commercially sound as a masterpiece. Remington Rand Corporation was first in the manufacture of this product. The UNIVAC was seven feet high and fourteen feet long. The data that it could read was 7,000 characters per second and its RAM was 12Kilo-Bytes. Also it stored and retrieved information using a magnetic tape.
The year 1945 was a critical moment for defining the nature of technology. John Napier invented a device called the “Napier Bones”. His device was able to perform multiplication and division. William Oughtred was a mathematician who used the same principle that John Napier used to construct the first slide rule. These tools were used until the 1960’s. Employees of many companies were for all intents and purposes “human” computers. In the 1950’s a company called North American Aviation, located in Los Angeles, used a process which involved calculators that was call the Friden – along with the slide rule - to make calculations.
The history of computing hardware is the record of the ongoing effort to make

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