Essay on The Evolution of Shoes

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Dr. Seuss talks about, “oh how many feet you meet” in his book Foot Book. With so many feet and uses for them, humans developed ways to protect their feet with the idea of shoes. When people first started wearing shoes, they were worn for more practical uses than they are today. One man, Joshua Mueller, holds the record for the most pairs of converse shoes owned at 1,546 pairs (“Largest Collection of Converse Shoes”); now that is something to talk about. The world of shoes is ever changing, not only in style, but in many other ways.
Shoes began with simple designs and materials, because they were generally worn for protection by those who were able to create or afford them. “The simplest way to protect feet was to grab what was handy-
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As the Middle Ages came to a close, shoes had a square pointed toe, which then evolved into a “round toe by the 1590s.” After some time, 2 to 3 inch heels started to become popular (“The History of Shoes”). The footwear industry changed greatly during this time period, and many of the styles created are still well-known today.
As the 1800's came, many new inventions increased the development and availability of shoes to people in all social classes. The creation of buckles, zippers plastic, and velcro made footwear less expensive to the average consumer, therefore increasing the selling market. These items also helped designers make more varieties and styles of shoes. With the Industrial Revolution producers were able to make shoes more quickly and efficiently (Krick). The 20th Century brought countless colors, patterns heights, materials, and forms a footwear. These included the platform heel, steel-toed boots, and stiletto heels to name a few (“The History of Shoes”). At this time people were able to own multiple pairs of shoes for more than one occasion, because of the easy accessibility.
With so many different styles of shoes, each has some unique quality they offer to the buyer. One of these characteristic is comfort. The company Naturalizer claims they have a “revolutionary idea of creating stylish and comfortable shoes.” This manufacturer says they recognize “how truly comfortable

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