The Evolution of Artistic Movements Essay

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The exchange of ideas between the Bauhaus and other artistic movements during its evolution

This essay begins with the origin and the birth of early twentieth century art & architecture movements. These particular movements did not just affect painting, but also had a significant effect on architecture, theatre, film and photography.
"What about the reality of the everyday world and the reality of
Painting? They are not the same realities. What is this creative thing that you have struggled to get and where did it come from? What reference or value does it have, outside of the painting itself?" Ad Reinhardt, in a group discussion at Studio 35, in 1950. In his book The Expressionists Wolf-Dieter Dube explains abstract
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However a new wave of artists in Europe and the United States gave birth to a new future. Modern Art would finally release art and architecture from the claims of tradition and propel it to the next level (Kenneth Frampton, 2007, pg20). When the economical and ideological interests began to fade away in post war Europe in 1914, a renewed form of rationale evolved. It was not just people mental habits that changed the way of life; it was also the ways of life that changed peoples’ mental habits. After the First World War many architectural designs were based on the use of materials such as glass, concrete and steel. There were several significant changes in the 20th century, which continued to thrive for the next 100 years. These changes in styles were brought about because of new influences in architectural design in Britain, Europe and even as far as the U.S.A. The German Bauhaus school was particularly important, and although the two were not particularly related, the Art-Nouveau movement in 1920 certainly had its influence. To understand this more thoroughly this essay will look into the specific utopian ideas of the time and particularly the Bauhaus school, and whether it abandoned its expressionist form and absorbed the ideas of Neue Sachlichkeit, De Stijl and Constructivism. First I will look into each sector separately, closing this essay

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