The Evil of Mankind Illustrated in Golding's Lord of the Flies

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Can we stop the evil within mankind? People always hear about girls getting raped, murdered and kidnapped. The boys in Lord of the Flies by William Golding do practically the same thing by showing how evil man kind can be. In William Golding’s book, Lord of the Flies, a group of young British school boys have crash-landed on an uncharted island without parent authority. They are finding it harder to control the evil that is coming out of them. The boys fall apart politically, psychologically, and spirituality by wanting everything but the right thing (to be civil and respectful boys). When setting up a society that is politically stable, which means people need to be able to communicate with others without violence. “‘We can use this …show more content…
“‘They could be the army’ ‘or hunters’” (p.23). When Ralph suggests that the choir boys should be the ones to kill for food, he means that since they are already a group that likes each other they should be hunting. This passage shows psychological balance because the boys are trying to find a safety net and some one to find/get the things the boys need to survive. Overtime, however the boys soon fell apart and disliked each other. “Viciously with full intention he hurled his spear at Ralph” (p.181). When Golding says that Jack threw his spear at Ralph he means that it is the end of sanity because Jack is taking the other boys and starting a manhunt against Ralph. This passage also shows devotion to Id because, Jack and the others are becoming savage by killing Piggy and isolating Ralph to complete the task so he is weak and easy to kill. Again trying to get another mental and physical need balanced people need to have the others before it balanced, the boys don’t have the first mental need balanced so they cannot possibly have this one balanced. Though people think that when they’re politically and psychologically balanced, that they’re done, they’re wrong, you also have to be spirituality balanced. “Simon saw a humped thing

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