The Epic of Gilgamesh: Tablet One Essay examples

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The Gilgamesh Epic is among the earliest works in history and is categorized under epic poems. Originating from Mesopotamia, the poem consists of twelve tablets covering the relationship between the main character Gilgamesh and Enkidu who is his closest male companion. The narration is done in past tense trying to bring out the fact that the poem is Gilgamesh own wordings and he wrote it by himself. ‘The Epic of Gilgamesh” commemorates historical deeds and people as it breaks down Gilgamesh life experiences that were characterized by grief, heroism, and his wisdom in a universal and perpetual process. His story can be viewed to be both immediate and timeless. The scope of this paper however will be limited to the themes, …show more content…
His life was a wild one being raised by animals making it unrefined and crude. This explains the role he plays in the poem though he was to some extend instinctively chivalrous. Though he is bolder than most of the characters in the poem, he come out as being less pious as he is expected by most people. The other supporting characters include Siduri and Utupishtim. Though they dint play a major role in the story, they contributed a lot in the plot development. Themes are always fundamental in any work of literature and are mostly used in exploring ideas inversely. This is the case in “The Epic of Gilgamesh” as the book has made use of several themes to bring out the main ideas and motives. The most outstanding theme is the love that is brought out as a motivation force. It is the platonic and erotic love that is behind Gilgamesh motivation. This can also be seen when love was responsible for changing Enkidu to a noble man from a wild man. The change came about as a result of his friendship with Gilgamesh. This friendship was mutual as through it Gilgamesh was also transformed from a tyrant and bully into an exemplary hero and king. Though the narrator did not bring out female love interest in the epic, he makes use of the erotic love (Andrew pg 29) Humanity is evident in the female life force that was

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