The End of Cultural Diversity of Style in Composition Essay examples

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The End of Cultural Diversity of Style in Composition

In this paper I will attempt to show that initially, the internet will increase the cultural diversity of style in composition, before helping a world wide trend in stomping out cultures.

In order to discuss the effects of the scope of the Internet on composition, we must first explore what the Internet is, the definition of culture, how the internet exposes us to and affects culture, and the effects cultural changes have on style in composition.

This essay is not concerned with the history of the Internet, but with the way the Internet distributes information through webpages and the way forums foster geographically complex but intellectually similar communities.
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Another trait is that users can “listen in” on the dialogues, if they don’t have time to post, or if their questions have already been answered.

When the discussions are related to art, the communication increases the diversity of style in composition, because the artists are made aware of more styles, and because they will find more support in their endeavors, rather than being pariahs in the physical world. An artist would then be able to have discussions with artists around the globe about his work, and this can increase his exposure to other cultures and alter his way of thinking. This artist will now be able to create more culturally aware works.

What is Culture?

Culture is “all the memories, values, and traditions of a people, and is transmitted from one generation to the next through language, stories, and art.” Many cultural anthropologists believe the world is experiencing a mass extinction of cultures, and that the “the loss of one as profound as the loss of a biological species.” National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence elaborates: “A language isn’t just a body of vocabulary or a set of grammatical rules. It is a flash of the human spirit, a

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