The Eggs of the World Boiled Down Essay

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The Eggs of the World boiled down In The Eggs of the World, Toshio Mori writes about 3 men meeting, one rich, one a poor drunkard, and the narrator. The point of view Toshio Mori uses in this story is peripheral first person. This use of a somewhat uncommon way of writing and viewing a story gives a look at events that is objective while not being unfeeling. Peripheral first person gives balance between personal stake in the matter, but not so much as to lose objective view. This viewpoint also gives new looks on the characters surrounding the author, giving both personal opinion and removed observation. Lastly, peripheral 1st person gives a twist on which facts may or may not be included in a narrative. In The Eggs of the World the use …show more content…
Hasegawa burst out laughing the minute Sessue Matoi stepped out of the house. He didn’t”(Mori 364). This is different from if the story was being told by Mr. Hasegawa himself or if it had been written by a 3rd person narrator, one would have no shock in the lack of a laugh and the other would not be expecting a laugh. In this way the characterizations change because of personal experience, and so are affected by 1st person peripheral narration in this story. Personal experience also influences the inclusion or omission of facts in The Eggs of the World. When the author speaks of previous encounters with Sessue Matoi, he shows Matoi as a drunkard but points to the fact that he is not just drunk, but also quite smart. “There was seldom a time when one did not see him staggering full of drink. The trouble was that people did not know when he was sober or drunk. He was very clever when he was drunk and also very clever when sober” (Mori 361). This is personal experience affecting the omission or inclusion of facts because a if Mr. Hasegawa was telling the story he might not focus on this point of confusion and if a third person narrator was telling the story, the fact that one could almost never tell whether Matoi is drunk or not would not have as much meaning. The things that the author notices are things that other

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