The Effects of Violence in the Media Essay

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The effects of violence in the media that we see on a day-to-day basis affect us all. For most adults, we choose whether to act upon these effects or not. However, what about those who are exposed to this violence and who are not adults? What about our nation’s adolescents and youth? They do not have the mental capabilities of adults, what happens to them when they are exposed to such violence and they choose to act on their thoughts after exposure? These are just a few of the slew of questions that have been asked by psychologists over the years about media violence. The first article that I found that deals with violence in the media may not pertain to the adolescents and youth of this nation, but it does pertain to the younger …show more content…
84). To test their theory Johnson et al. (1997) took forty-four men and fifty-six women, who were Caucasian and generally from southeastern North Carolina, from and introductory psychology class. The procedure that Johnson et al (1997) used for this study was a 2-part experiment (p. 83-84) style. In the first experiment the participants were informed that it would be about perception and recall (p. 84). The participants were given three articles to read and then given several questions that would get a measure of their perception and recall. The violent group was given 1 article that was non-violent and 2 articles that were violent (p. 83). The first violent article was that of people getting into an altercation and someone either being killed or wounded and the second violent article was of someone getting mugged or beat up (p.83-84). The non-violent group was given three articles that were of nothing violent (the example given in the study was an article about the surgeons warning on smoking) (p. 84). They were then thanked by the first experimenter and told to wait for the next experimenter to start the second experiment.
In the second experiment (Johnson et al., 1997) the participants were told it was about decision-making processes (p. 84). The participants were then given two passages to read. The first passage was a non-pertinent passage about a managerial decision they

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