Essay on The Effects of the Purposed International Criminal Court

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The Effects of the Purposed International Criminal Court

The United States of America guarantees its citizens protection against punishment from foreign nations. As Americans, we are lucky in that the Constitution of this great state has a number of measures provided for its citizen's safety. Being one of the most sovereign nations, meaning we are politically independent from any other nation in the world, our government goes through drastic measures when the rights of one of its citizens is being threatened by a foreign power. On that same note different end of the spectrum the U.S. sees it necessary to "police" the rest of the world, most of the time with out regard to foreign citizen's rights. Which is why former President Bill
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The ICC, by contrast, would have greater authority and powers to investigate and prosecute suspected crimes. This unprecedented power could profoundly affect the rights guaranteed every American by the U.S. Constitution and threaten the ability of the United States to engage in military action to protect its national security interests. The key actors in the purposed International Criminal Court would consist of a large coalition of NGOs that have been involved since 1995 in the process of establishing the Court. They developed close working relations with delegations, organized briefings for the Conference participants and published pamphlets, reports and papers on various topics of special interest. They provided a substantive contribution to the work of the Conference and a momentum to its successful negotiations. It is expected that many will be active in the campaign to get the Statute ratified by as many States as possible. The ICC can be best evaluated on a system-level of analysis, which is an analytical approach that emphasizes the impact of world conditions on the actions of states and other international actors. The actors which are in support of the International Criminal Court are also could also be greatly affected by its reign and power. Many states, including the U.S. would be in jeopardy of losing some of their sovereignty, which is the political independence from

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