The Effects of the Internet on the Future Essay

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The Effects of the Internet on the Future

If every action has an opposite and equal reaction, then a huge branch-like system connecting information and people scattered into an abyss of nothing encompassed in a piece of desktop hardware and Glorified as "the Web", would actually be the opposite and equal reaction to the brain that sits and stares into it. Artificial Intelligence the demise of our own consumption,

Why not? I definitely wouldn't call it a being of the lesser species either. Sure the Internet's soul purpose is to feed us but it feeds us whatever we want. Never again will we have to doubt our selves, instead of saying "I'll bet on it" you can say "hold on a sec." And pull out your pocket device to
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When something is common it becomes common knowledge and at times common knowledge is really sudden knowledge. Although knowledge and wisdom are different, one could not mature without the other.

Now days, with all this information, there is no time left to think, we can only react instead. Out of fear comes consumption and as we consume and become more comfortable the world gets smaller and the more fragile we become, thus the more we fear and consume. So with the news playing on the car radio, at home on TV and in our minds as we interact with the Internet, isn't it fair to admit that the Media does hold some form of control over us?

It almost seems that it would only take one small idea at the wrong place and the wrong time to set us all off on a path of self-destruction. So who controls the Media and how much control does it have over our decisions?

In 1957 the Department of Defense (DoB) Created ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency). This would have initiated what later was to become known as the Internet, whom is now controlled by the Internet society (ISOC). As an equally paranoid response the U.S.S.R launched SPUTNIK. Primarily, the United States of America made these decisions for nuclear capability reasons. DoB was trying to create an information system that could

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