Essay about The Effects of Terrorism on Children

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My essay examines the effects of terrorism on children in a society, using the incessant activities of Boko Haram in Nigeria as buttress points. This paper also seeks to enlighten the Government and general public on the consequences of these nefarious attacks on children; who are often the most marred both emotional and physically in critical times like these. The current acts of terrorism in Nigeria and subsequent kidnapping of over 200 teenage girls, which has now become an international issue, shall be the focus of my discourse.
The Federal Republic of Nigeria is a Country in the continent of Africa, comprising of 36 states and its Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. Nigeria is often referred to as “the Giant of Africa” due to its
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As half Nigerian by birth, my mother being Nigerian and my father from Norfolk, VA, this issue of insecurity especially the attacks on children is therefore of great concern to me. It saddens me to see a place that I call home and children that I call friends, sisters, cousins, hitherto my generation and the future of the nation killed or kidnapped. I am concerned for a country where I attended 2years of middle school, for the place my mother and siblings still live. My mother lives in the northern part of Nigeria, which is the prime target of the attacks by Boko Haram. Consequently, this issue is significant to me because the safety of my family is in question, and at the long run, the continued existence of Nigeria as a nation. What is the future of a nation if the children, the perceived “future” are forced into extinction through butcheries and abductions? Like other developing nations, Nigeria is still grappling with domestic poverty, although richly blessed in resources. The Nigerian leaders have recognized the need for economic development and relevance especially in the global community. More so, Nigeria has recognized the significance of knowledge as it correlates with the development of any society. Tell me, what is the future of a society if the basic

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