Essay on The Effects of Overfishing on the Restaurant Industry

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To fish or not to fish is a personal choice. The fact that the oceans are being overfished is a growing concern for individuals, organizations, and governments throughout the world. In this paper I want to discuss the effects of overfishing on the restaurant industry, and possible solutions to solve the problem. Fishing is an ongoing source of food for people around the world. In many countries it is a food staple in their everyday diet. In more modern societies eating fish has become a sensual experience, and not just for the wealthy. It hasn't been until population explosions in the last century that the demand for seafood has led to more effective fishing techniques and technologies. Now the demand for popular fish like the salmon, …show more content…
The shellfish are grown in polluted water for a reason and are not supposed to be harvested. The government has ordered that the project be moved to unpolluted waters in fear that poachers may harvest the shellfish and sell them for human consumption. Restaurants are supposed to buy seafood and shellfish from approved dealers with licenses, ones that get inspected by regulatory agencies to ensure that their shellfish are safe to consume. Feeling the pressure of rising seafood costs may drive business owners to buy from less reputable sources at lower costs. Today society is driven by green, not green peace but the dollar. Although overfishing has put a strain on many popular species, the demand is high enough that consumers will pay any price to have it, regardless of the effects on fish populations and the environment. Only about twenty percent of fish consumed in the United States is gathered within our boundaries. The rest is imported from foreign fisheries and fish farmers. There are many foreign fishermen that will go right up to the established fishing boundaries, and are essentially fishing from these restricted areas. Some fishing methods don't just catch fish, they also destroy the environment. Ghost fishing is a term used for aquatic animals that are killed by lost or abandoned fishing gear and nets. The gear floats in the ocean, entangling wildlife from smaller fish

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