The Effectiness of Sentencing and the Jury's Credibility Essay

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For Defendant: Snooki P.
Based on the facts provided, defendant Snooki P. will not be charged under the three strikes law. Since it is her third offense, the court finds the defendant guilty and she will be sentenced to 20 years according to the sentencing guidelines; parole is contingent.
Previously, the defendant was sentenced to 10 years with parole eligibility in two years. After reviewing the sentencing guidelines, the most reasonable sentence would be the maximum 20 years as previously requested by the prosecutors. The court had previously decided to sentence the defendant to the minimum of 10 years because, after evaluating the three strikes law, they found that the defendant’s offense was illegal but her intent was not to kill
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In order to ensure that the law is followed morally, the 20 year maximum sentence is appropriate.
For Defendant: Charlie Sheen
Based on the facts provided, defendant Charlie Sheen is found guilty and is sentenced to the maximum two years according to the sentencing guidelines; parole will not be granted.
Previously, the defendant was sentenced to continue the residential treatment program, and was charged with a $5,000 dollar fine. This granted him another 60 days in the program and required weekly reports about his progress. The defendant’s driver’s license was also suspended for the next three years. A final warning was given to the defendant; if another similar offense occurred then his crime will be punishable up to a three to five year sentence. After careful evaluation, the court reached this unanimous decision based on the facts provided about how the current residential treatment program had been helping the defendant. Since his prior offenses were committed within the past five years, the court assessed that he was of age and capable of making better judgment to his decisions but an adult the treatment program could help him to change.
This is different from the sentencing guidelines because the court did evaluate the seriousness of the crime but they took other factors into consideration as well. Even though it was his third offense, it was fair to take into account that he had not committed any other criminal offenses and no one

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