The Effect of Technological Innovation on Human Personality Essay

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The issue stated that humanity has made little progress in spite of technological innovations over the past centuries. It is true that technology have made many errors to threaten humanity. However I do not wholly agree that technological innovation has not contributed to improve humanity. The development of technology helps to enhance quality of life but also introduces more bright future, solving problems that we confront today.

Admittedly, we cannot overlook the side effect of technological innovations. Advanced technology has made problems threatening human life such as environment and nuclear weapon.

London Smog, occurred in 1990s, shows that many industry made serious problems like air contamination, and river pollution. At
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Rather than its side effect, technological innovations have helped people to enhance the quality of life. Through world wide internet system and computer program, people's life is more convenient more than before. We can lessen our work time by using word processing program and other computer official programs. As its shortening of work time and convenient functions of computer program, we have more chance of leisure time like shopping or travelling. Internet also helps people to contact families or friend abroad via email or chatting. We can keep our interrelationship with our acquaintance. So, it is true that technological development makes our life enhance and keep relationship with our families or friends.

Moreover, the technological innovation introduces the possibility to solve many problems resulting from its development. Although the advancement of technology has made a serious problem of human society, now it tries to solve problems in many areas. For example, as the development of genetic engineering, it has suggested solution of food shortage all over the world. Bio technology advancement also makes possible to eat much better-quality vegetables of mutation of genes. Recently the research of artificial transplantation of somatic cell explains the possibility of treatment for cancers. In addition, as United States already launched space shuttle Columbia, the first manned space craft

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