Essay about The Effect of Movement on Student Learning

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Movement is one of the most highly debated topics among teachers today, as every individual has his/her own opinions in their teaching philosophy. Teachers must get around barriers caused by the high priorities of standardized testing and low effort to include movement in their classroom; therefore, it puts too much stress on the general education teachers. There are insufficient amounts of space to complete activities requiring movement when in a classroom; therefore, the teachers are incapable of safely navigating students around the room. Some students will refuse to participate in different physical activities, causing frustration when teachers are trying to plan full class activities, and this takes away from academic …show more content…
A study showing the improvement in cognition took place in a rural area of Hartford, South Dakota, during 2004-2005. Those involved were nineteen second grade students, all from middle socio-economic status families. For the experiment there were two separate classrooms; one was controlled, and the other experimented in movement curriculum such as Brain Gym activities. Evaluations of beginning work was done “to determine students’ progress, evaluate, plan instruction, and make changes.” They were “also used to communicate with the parents about their child’s progress” (Spielmann, 2004, p.32). All parents were informed that the Brain Gym activities would not affect the students’ grades. The teacher used the school’s guidelines as well as the second grade curriculum when integrating the Brain Gym. During the process of this study students were encouraged to participate in the activities every morning. The teacher explained to the students how to do the morning activities, and then they would complete them and follow the exercise with a journal writing session in which they would write what they thought about the Brain Gym activity as well as whether it prepared them for the day or not. These journals were used to informally “evaluate the students’ progress by observing what the students wrote” after each Brain Gym activity (p.35). “The teacher formally evaluated the students’ test results in September and February” to

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