Essay about The Effect of Dominating Leaders on Team Performance

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The nature of adopted leadership is of massive significance to most organizations. The leadership at hand as per this exploration is dominating leadership. Dominating leadership is characterized by power and dominance by leaders over their juniors. This study assumes the following structure: literature review, methodology, results, discussion, and references. Data will be collected using questionnaires and interview guides. Analysis will then be done using simple statistics such as percentages and frequencies. This study will be of importance because it will help inform leaders of whether to adopt a dominating leadership or not. Organizations will also benefit from the study because they will also learn about the type of leadership that …show more content…
Dominating leaders have the characteristic power and dominance over their juniors.
Types of leaders There are various types of leaders in organizations with various being of concern in this exploration. Leadership styles can be broadly categorized into autocratic, bureaucratic, democratic, charismatic, situational, transactional, and transformational (Germano, 2010. It can be argued that this exploration deals specifically with extroverts and introverts (Grant, Gino, & Hoffmann, 2013). These types of leadership styles can have massive effects on the performance of employee and the ultimate delivery of the goals in the organization. Leaders can also in this regard be classified according to their use of power with powerful leaders and less-power leaders isolating themselves as the two categories (Adam, Almeida, & Ferreira, 2005). Power can also affect the type of results that an organization can gain. Thus speaking, the type of leadership style adopted can be argued to have significance on the results that can be attained.
The effects of leaders on goal realization Leadership is geared towards attaining the goals of the organization at hand. A reflection through the reading reveals that leaders should prioritize on goal realization in the organization. Adams, Almeida, and Ferreira

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