The Effect of Birth Order on Who We Are Essay

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The Effect of Birth Order on Who We Are

Does birth order really affect who we are? Sigmund Freud was the first psychotherapist to say, " a child's position in the sequence of brother and sisters is of very great significance for one course of his later life." The type of person that we become stems from many things including birth order position, gender and the genders of the other siblings. Although personality is affected by many different factors, such as heredity, family size, the spacing and the gender of other siblings, education and upbringing, birth order plays a very important role and gives many clues as to why people are the was they are. Dr. Alfred Adler, a renowned psychiatrist, wrote that a person's position in the
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Although they appear to have it all together and have many achievements, they regularly have a hard time enjoying their achievements. They are often labeled as spoiled, selfish, lazy and a bit conceited because the only child does not have to share with other siblings. Despite the fact that only children are used to having things handed to them all their lives, they are among the top achievers in every area of profession. Some examples of famous only children includes Franklin D. Roosevelt, Leonardo da Vinci, Charles Lindbergh, Ted Koppel, Brooke Shields, Nancy Reagan, Frank Sinatra, Danielle Steele and John Updike. Moreover, only children tend to cling to one close friend at a time to prevent loneliness, yet they will still be most comfortable alone. Some can be fearful about meeting new people and have to force themselves into social situations. On the other hand, many desire to be a part of a group. The underlying idea is that only children are not used to dealing with the complexities of other human beings. Only children are most often considered special and precious to their parents and the child knows that their position in the family is assured to them no matter what. Since parents do not often admit that they were wrong or sorry, only children do not learn to apologize and often find it difficult to forgive themselves. Also, marriage to anyone of any birth order can be a challenge since most are quite comfortable being alone. Often, only

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