The Educational Achievement Gap between African American and Minority Students in Elementary Schools in America

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Introduction The theme of the research is to discover why there is such a vast educational gap between minority and Caucasian students. Many American are unaware that such an educational gap actually exists among today’s students. This article informs us of alarming statics, such as of African American students representing a majority of the special education population, despite only making up roughly 40% of the student population. It also breaks down key events that contributed to the poor education that minority children are currently receiving. For example, in the past, it was illegal to educate African Americans and when it became legal to blacks were treated as second class students. They were segregated from their white counter …show more content…
That was a rhetorical question I just asked. I know why and it is because today’s youths believe that dribbling a basketball is more important than receiving a proper education. It is sad but the truth is today’s youth would rather write a complicated rap verse over an academic essay. This article has taught me that. This influential and informative article was published in 2013 by the journal of Negro education. The journal of Negro education is well known for its goal to categorize and define the problems that characterize the education of African American students in America. This is the most current research done on the topic of scholastic disparities between Black and Brown students and their White, middle class counterparts. As the journal of Negro education has published articles continuously since 1932 to the present. The author’s name is Gloria Ladson-Billings. Ladson-Billings is from Philadelphia, PA. She is a researcher, theorist and educator at the University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Education. She is currently Assistant Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs. From researching her, I learned that her main work of focus is that of culturally relevant pedagogy and critical race theory. Ladson-Billings has dedicated her life to improving the education of impoverished and underprivileged African Americans.
Purpose of the Study: The main objective of the

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