Essay on The Economic and Governmental Sides of Legalized Abortion

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The Economic and Governmental Sides of Legalized Abortion Abortion has been a subject of controversy over the past century. Eventually the decision was settled in favor of pro-choice, in the Supreme Court case Roe versus Wade. At 10:00 a.m. on January 22,1973, the United States Supreme Court announced that the Texas abortion law was unconstitutional. The Court also declared the Georgia abortion law unacceptable. The vote was seven to two, with Burger, Blackmun, Powell, Stewart, Brennan, Douglas, and Marshall in the majority. Rehnquist and White opposed the decision. Abortion throughout the nation had been declared legal. Abortion laws in thirty-one states, including Texas, were overturned. Fifteen states, …show more content…
The only possible problem with this argument is if a woman seeks to end a pregnancy for reasons other than financial ones. If poverty is the reason a woman is terminating a pregnancy, if in fact wants the child but cannot afford to have it, she is actually being coerced into an abortion. She does not, in fact, have a choice at all. For many women, this is precisely their perception of the situation: they go to abortion counselors saying that they "have no choice," they "have to" have an abortion. In some hard pressed communities in Canada the economic ups and downs are clearly reflected in the volume of abortion referrals: counselors in Sudbury, Ontario, for example, reported a sharp rise in the number of women seeking abortions immediately after the massive layoffs in the nickel industry in 1978. Without legalized abortion, the economy itself would suffer. The constraints on choice are not a matter of economics alone, but reflect a far deeper bias against parenting. Modern industrial society has isolated the childbearing role within the nuclear family. When people become parents in our society, they are expected to take on enormous financial, emotional, and physical burden, and to do so essentially alone. They are essentially given the message that they are on their own, that they must not expect to take care of them (McDonnell 72). This causes new parents to drop everything currently being done in their lives, including their jobs. This causes a

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