The Dystopian Future of William Gibson's Neuromancer Essay

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The Dystopian Future of Neuromancer  

In reading a text like this one can look at it through the formalistic approach and gather aspects on different perspectives.  In HCAL it instructs a reader to analyze a specific text by seeing the setting, certain styles, imagery, form, and texture.  In William Gibsons book Neuromancer all these approaches can be seen.  The novel takes place in the future and how Gibson portrays it will be.  Every place is dark and gloomy with an illusion of dystopia; despair and unhappiness.  Gibson's structure is very hard to follow, such as how he is repetitive with the description of people and the color pink.

        Neuromancer, a book
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        More than just the description of the atmosphere, he talks of the addiction to drugs that the people in the future have.  Case, the main character, seems to have an addiction to cocaine, which is the drug most of the people in the novel thrive off of, (Gibson 36).  Most reasons for these addictions are to open one's imagination and make them see a better place, rather than the one they are currently in; reality.  With all this dystopia that is present allows different tones for the book; gloom, doom, disappear, and utter unhappiness.

        Gibson seems to hold on to the tone of death and destruction all through the novel.  He starts with a small undertone of happiness, then suddenly he jumps to a scene of gruesome death, "At the edge of the meadow they came to a railinged cliffside, wildflowers dancing in the updraft from the canyon that was desiderate,"(Gibson 164; line 6).  Then a few lines down, all the beauty and happiness comes to an abrupt end, "They were in the shadows for an instant; Case felt the hot blood spray across the back of his neck, and then someone tripped him,"(Gibson 164; line22).  A view of death all over

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