The Drill Instructor Essay

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Drex stood on the artillery practical course along side two other men attempting to train in the speciality, the drill instructor was the same man as before Sargent Dirk Canning, who surprised Drex with his new relaxed attitude.

“Today will be a good day, a stress free day” he said in a warm and lofty tone.

He leaned against what Drex assumed would be today's assignment.

“I have had a stream of failing soldiers com through here, needles to say its taken a toll on my stress level”.

He smiled eerily at them.

“The medical staff has me on, well, we'll call them happy pills, for the anger you louts have caused me”.

He stepped forward and clapped his hands making all three men jump.

“I'm prattling on, we have training to
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Drex barely had time to accumulate the knowledge of what he'd just seen as Canning climbed back down with a huge grin on his face and waving his hand to stop the non existent applause.

“Three targets from left to right getting gradually further away the first at five hundred meters, the second at one thousand meters and the last at the weapons maximum range”.

He stood pointing excitedly at the metal sheets of in the distance.

“We'll do this in order of rank from lowest to highest so if you please, Private first class Kesser, step up to the mount!”

He gave the Private a sharp whack on the back as he passed. “Now the movements are sensitive,only a little jolt on each turn should do it”.

The PFC looked like a bag of nerves. His hands shook and he gave an unsteady nod as he got settled in the seat, the first movement over shot all three targets almost spinning round to aim at Drex. Kesser fired a few shots way off target before throwing his hands up and getting off violently shaking. Cannings eye seemed to be giving a slight twitch as the Private passed back to the line up.

“That's fine, no one gets it first time”.

His voice cracked as he spoke.

“Lance Corporal Helban, your up next!”.

Drex stepped up with surprise at his break in character as he was so full of confidence, he clambered

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