The Drawbacks of Pushing Children in Sports Essay

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According to statistics gathered by youth sports organizations, “Up to 50 million kids play youth sports in America, and 73 percent who begin playing a sport quit before they turn 13” (Binns). The children could have quit because they did not like the disappointment of losing, or because they are exhausted from their parents pushing them too hard. But parents have their reasons for pushing their children into sports. “Studies show that kids who play sports are less likely to become obese, abuse drugs or alcohol or to perform poorly in school” (McCormick). If children are not active, then they will most likely become overweight, and if they have nothing to do in their pastime, they may turn to drugs and alcohol, which usually leads to a …show more content…
Sports are a good thing; it keeps children in shape and gives them a chance to interact with others. Children need parents there for emotional support, not for them to yell and act like a coach. There is a way for parents to be there for their children without making them feel pressured to be the best, such as explaining to them that it is not about winning or losing, it is about having fun. In an article about what makes a good or bad sports parent Steve Henson says an ideal sports parent will “Know what is suitable to discuss with the coach.” Discussing their child’s progress and ways that may help them do better is good. Discussing other team members and voicing their negative opinion about how the team is playing is not okay. Playing in sports also helps children become physically healthy along with giving them a chance to interact with other children “The physical exertion involved in sports can straighten muscles, increase flexibility, rev up metabolism, improve circulation and promote good mental health. Sports also give kids a chance to develop valuable social skills” (Mooney). Being involved in a sport keeps children in a better physical shape than children who do not do sports. Being in good physical shape can help decrease health problems such as diabetes and problems related to blood pressure. Sports also gives children higher self esteem and confidence while giving them a chance to interact with other children,

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