Essay about The Differences in Human and Animal Genes

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Imagine piles of innocent animals dead on the streets for human’s selfish necessities. Hundreds die every day and more continue to fall under a microscope and knife regardless of campaigns and protests. The major issue with animal testing regards the differences in human and animal genes and the accuracy of the results fail. Technology surpasses animal testing, therefore, testing animals for scientific, medical, and cosmetic reasons is useless for human purposes and harmful to the animals. Animal testing is not limited to a laboratory with scientists and doctors swarming around dozens of animals. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration displays animal testing in a new sense. Nasa tests animals in dangerous surroundings, similar …show more content…
Animal testing for medicine not only hurts the animal by “exposure to drugs” but it fails to benefit the quality and humanity of our science(Source G). The better approach to medicine and human disease strays away from animals. In the magazine, Good Medicine, they prove “the most promising diabetes research focuses on people, not animals” and in most cases, people with diabetes gain control of the disease by losing weight which reduces the need for medication (Source F). The discovery requires humans to test, and saves the animals useless and painful experimentation. In the cosmetic fields, animals luck differs greatly from diabetes research. The animals are subject to cruel and painful experiments and unlike humans, “No federal law protects these small animals from even the cruelest experiments” which allows brand names similar to Estee Lauder and Revlon to test animals to any extent(Source F). Other companies, Avon and Mary Kay, test animals too, and ignore the majority of their consumers wants to purchase products without the animal experimentation aspect. The cruel tests committed on the animals “are not the most effective way to test cosmetics. Each species reacts differently to various substances, so it is difficult to interpret what animal test results mean for humans” and these animals die without a case or need for it ( Source A).

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