The Dexter T.V. Show Essay

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Dexter Morgan is a fictional character from the TV show, Dexter. The show tells a story of a man named Dexter, who is a brilliant blood spatter analyst by day and a serial killer of criminals by night. Throughout the day, he stalks his victims and at night he captures them and follows a code of conduct and ritual set by his adopted father before killing them. To figure out what diagnosis to give Dexter, an analysis of his childhood must be conducted. Dexter has no clear memory of his biological family, but was very close with his adoptive family, the Morgans. The start of his abnormal behavior probably started when he was three years old. Dexter and his biological brother, Brian, were trapped in a storage container located in the docks …show more content…
Brian was engaged to Dexter’s stepsister, but only as an excuse to get closer to Dexter. To everyone else in Florida, he was known as the “Ice Truck Killer,” because he murdered and froze women and left their body cut up and bloodless. The difference between him and Dexter was the Brian murdered innocent women, unlike Dexter, who went after criminals. After Dexter killed Brian, he was haunted by his memories. (“Born Free,” Season 1, Episode 12). The act of killing his brother caused much distress to Dexter. He had a lot of trouble killing his victims because he was shaking while holding the knife or missed the knife to the victim’s heart. Since then, he was haunted by Brian’s ghost. He hallucinates talking to Brian at work, which was something he had envisioned before. He sometimes talks to Harry, which may be the cause of him reliving another traumatic event: witnessing the murder of his mother. (“It’s Alive,” Season 2, Episode 1). This is considered re-experiencing: “repeated, distressing images or thoughts” (Biedel, Bulik, & Stanley, 2013). Dexter is constantly losing sleep at night, which gives him an inability to concentrate, another sign of PTSD (“Waiting To Exhale,” Season 2, Episode 2). (Kathleen, 2011). This would be defined as a state of arousal or anxiety because Dexter is going through a period of “restlessness, agitation, and irritability” (Biedel, Bulik, & Stanley, 2013). In order for Dexter to recover from PTSD,

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