The Design Argument For The Existence Of God Essay

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The Design Argument For The Existence Of God

This argument is also called the teleological argument, it argues that the universe did not come around by mere chance, but some one or something designed it. This thing was God. This argument is a prosteriori because the observation of the natural world is taken into the mind to conclude that there is a designer. The belief that the universe was designed by God was triggered by things like the four seasons; summer, spring, autumn and winter, that change through the year. The adaption of the human body and the structure of earths natural things. All of this had to of been designed to make the universe come into order, have a purpose and regularity.
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Everything serves a purpose and has a reason of why it is there. William Paley compared the creation of the universe to a lot of different things, also including the structure of the human eye. The human eye is very intricate and complex design of sight. Paley believed that a very intelligent designer had to have made a complex design such as the eye to have other living creations see the specific creations of the earth.

Comparing the creation of the universe to a lot of different things helped William Paley to have a prosteriori argument that God was the creator of the universe. The second part of Paley’s argument for the existence of God, Paley pointed to the rotation of the planets in the solar system. How did the solar system know how the planets are situated? And how did the hold their orbits? The solar system orbits by gravity but there had to be some out of the universe that was able to arrange the planets. There for this was not a con-incidence or happening by mere chance, there has to be an external being for the arrangement of planets. This being must have been

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