The Decline of Education Standards in the United States Essay

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There are many important things children gain while growing up; the most important thing children gain growing up is their education. The educational skills children learn in school teach them the skills they need to perform outside of the classroom and in the workforce. With education being one of the most important gains in the lives of children, it has come to light how in recent years the United States has fallen further and further behind their peers in international rankings. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) 2009 educational scores the United States ranks “33” (1), which is lower than the 2002 ranking of “18” (CNN). With such a decrease in the United States ranking, parents wonder why …show more content…
Focusing on the weaker students leads to boredom for other students in the class, due to repetition of information. In accordance with the No Child Left Behind Act, students in schools who fail to improve in performance have the option of transferring schools. Students changing schools lead to over crowded classes, less attention spent on individual students, and changes in funds; as Stetcher states, “These options while potentially beneficial to individual students, also act as indirect incentives to schools and districts because of the effects on how funds must allocated” (4). Another complaint with the No Child Left Behind Act has to do with funding; many schools feel as though they do not receive the money to make the changes needed to adhere to the No Child Left Behind Act, “Some states complained that the federal government did not give them enough extra money to do what the law required” (Ravitch 39). The No Child Left Behind Act has left many with the notion that the better students perform the more money schools receive; as a principle in Komaya’s research states, “The better we do, the more we make” (4). If federal funding were to spread money evenly, more schools would pass the adequate yearly progress tests allowing all children to receive equal education at any school. While the No Child Left Behind Act was brought forth with good intentions,

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