The Decentralization of Hong Kong as a Traffic Solution Essay

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Another suggested solution would be the decentralization of Hong Kong, in the sense of adding a new Central Business District outside of the current one. This would shift the concentrated movement towards the current CBD to another location, alleviating both above and underground congestions. Ideally, this would cut the traffic by almost a half in the current CBD, as it would be divided into two separate areas. The solution also has other advantages, such as creating new jobs in the newly developed CBD, and providing more monetary revenue for the economy of Hong Kong. The location chosen to be the new CBD was Shatin.
Why Shatin?
The MTR has five new projects planned to be undertaken in the next few years. Out of these the Shatin to
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This would encourage a lot of movement between Hong Kong and China, allowing the population to live in China, where it is less densely populated and still work in Hong Kong, by transporting via the expressway.[2]

A problem raised by the opening of these lines is the fact that the new opening of the line will cause the already congested Admiralty, to become even more congested with the additional flow of trains. Admiralty serves as an interchange station to the Island and Tsuen Wan lines, which are one of the heaviest utilized passenger railways in the world. With the addition of the Shatin to Central link Shatin, there’s a high possibility that the station would suffer from overcapacity frequently, especially during the peak hours.[3] Although, there are reconstructions being made in Admiralty to support the new lines, it currently already has an average of 20-50 people waiting in each door of the train of the Tsuen Wan line from 6-7p.m.. With the prediction of up to 100 million tourists per year visiting Hong Kong by 2023, there’s a question of whether or not Admiralty would be able to handle such an increase of people. [4] Another problem that is bound to occur is the same issue occurring in Hung Hom. With the Shatin to Central link Hung Hom now becomes an important interchange station to reach the Hong Kong Island, and

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