The Death Of King Duncan in William Shakespeare Essay example

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The Death Of King Duncan in William Shakespeare

The original ideas for the play of Macbeth was for William Shakespeare to impress the king of the time (James VI of Scotland later known as James I of England ) by writing a play for him that shared the same beliefs of James I that being The Divine Right Of Kings. The Divine Right Of Kings meant that a king was chosen by god and everybody accepted this, including Shakespeare. This play includes Regicide (the killing of a king) therefore killing somebody like a king would be far worse than normal murder if Shakespeare did this the play would be more dramatic. Shakespeare’s primary source for the play came from Raphael Holinshed’s ‘Chronicles Of
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Shakespeare covered witchcraft which he knew the king was interested in because the king had earlier written a book on witchcraft ‘Daemonology’. Around that time also there was women that were illegally tortured most notably Agnes Sampson a Scottish woman who was accused of trying to kill James I by witchcraft.According to Newes from Scotland (1591) Agnes Sampson was accused of “sailing with around two hundred other witches in a sieve each and all attached various parts of a dead anatomy to a cat and placed the cat to sea” trying to cause a storm at sea when king James was in his ship. During the time in which the play was written and performed many people believed in heaven and hell as real places. They also believed in witchcraft and the evil spirits and havoc they can cause. So for a play to be written about witchcraft it would be a bit close to the audiences personal thoughts however Shakespeare may have done this so it catches their attention and make them want to go and see it.

Macbeth is a tragedy. Most of the main characters in Shakespearean tragedies have similar characteristics to one another these being:

Ÿ The hero is usually of a high birth and stature (royalty)

Ÿ He has many good qualities (good soldier)

Ÿ The one flaw in the character causes the characters downfall

Ÿ Many innocent people suffer because of this characters actions

Ÿ The

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