The Culture of Moviegoers Essay

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Going to the movies is probably one of the most enjoyable pastimes throughout the world. From western society to the Asian countries, watching movies is pleasant for nearly anybody. I currently work at the local cinema. Therefore I have decided to study the culture of moviegoers. I looked at many different aspects within the past months. I took time for myself in small, little, breaks to study and document the actions of the people. From their attitudes entering and leaving the cinemas, to the way they behaved and even the way they clothed themselves. I will be going into the field with a general question in mind of what I wish to learn. “How do individuals respond to each other in a moving going experience?” I will also look into …show more content…
I chose this particular culture in our society because I was always dazed by the different behaviors I am overcome with when I will be working or when I go to see a movie. Another reason why I chose this group is because I am always working. I always see many different people coming in and out of the theatre doors with different views on their atmosphere. I will go well over the 30 hour requirement due to the fact I will already be required to be in the site during business hours. On average I will take into consideration 6 hour days, 3 days a week into my study. I will collect observational data at different times for different days, alternating times every other day. As stated above I will be both an observer and a participant-observer. As a participant-observer I can gain safe entry into this culture within Stars Cinema just by signing a clipboard indicating that I will be watching a movie. Stars Cinema’s environment is that of peace and tranquility. All moviegoers is of equal traits and personalities. No harm came to those I interacted with or those people I studied. This is so because most, if not all, my interaction with these people will be through conversations from transactions. Whether it be for movie tickets or popcorn. I can have legitimate conversions with them for short sweet while.
I did not find my observations to be difficult at all. There was not any involvement with me and the moviegoers. I never needed to actually go sit

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