The Cultural Message of Snow White Essay

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The Cultural Message of Snow White For hundreds of years children have been enchanted by fairy tales. The beautiful princesses, handsome rescuers, and happily-ever-after endings lent themselves to contentment and a feeling that all was right with the world. During the last century, many of these classics were brought to life on the big screen in animated motion pictures. Walt Disney animated the Grimm Brother’s tale, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, during the Great Depression, grossing eight million, the most money made by any film up to that time (History Channel, 2011). Obviously, in the midst of such a difficult time in America’s history, not just children, but adults also, yearned to hear the message of good triumphing over …show more content…
The evil stepmother, thinking that Snow White was dead asked her mirror the same question, “Who is the fairest of them all?” She was surprised and furious when it answered that Snow White was still a thousand times fairer than she and was living in the forest with dwarves. The queen disguised herself as an old peddler woman and poisoned a comb which caused Snow White to fall into a coma the moment it touched her hair. The dwarves came home and found their beloved housekeeper in a deep sleep and pulled the comb from her hair and she immediately woke up. The queen, using her mirror, discovered she had yet again failed to destroy her step daughter. Determined this time to finish the job, the queen disguised herself again, this time peddling a beautiful poisoned apple. Snow White took one bite of the apple and fell down dead. The dwarves could not stand to bury her in the ground so instead, they made a glass coffin and placed in on a mountain. After some time, a prince wandered that mountain and came across the coffin, was entranced by the beauty of Snow White and asked the dwarves if he might have the coffin. The dwarves felt pity on him and gave it to him. The prince carried it towards his home, but as he was walking he tripped and the coffin fell, dislodging the apple from Snow White’s mouth, causing her to come back to life. The prince proposed right away, they were married in a glorious ceremony and of course,

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