Essay The Cost of College

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In the economically depressed world we live in today, the bottom line for students and parents when choosing a college is money. Although the thought of going off to college in the big city is both alluring and exciting, the price tag that goes along with it is not. Due to tighter wallets and budget cuts, students are beginning to re-consider their firm stance that they must go out of state for college. With all expenses considered, it is obvious that going to a local college is much cheaper than going to a university across the country. However, if your dream college is 3,000 miles away, there are many options that should be considered that will help pay for tuition, such as scholarships, loans, and working part-time. But even before this …show more content…
There are many scholarships available at NYU for incoming freshman who need assistance or deserve to receive credit for their academic history and accolades. One in particular that I would be eligible for is the ARCH Scholarship. This scholarship is given to students “who demonstrate financial need and who are committed to having a positive impact on the world." (“ARCH”). Not only does the award meet full need and is renewable over the four years of undergraduate study, there is a career development and internship program for those who are chosen, which will “introduce scholars to career options and help them to develop career potential and marketable professional skills.” (“ARCH”). Another great scholarship offered by NYU is the Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship. Created in 1987, this program has awarded hundreds of need-based and merit scholarships to incoming freshman at NYU. The students awarded this scholarship “present records of outstanding academic achievement, leadership, and commitment to the principles of community service.” (“Martin Luther King Jr., Scholars Program”). Although NYU offers many enticing scholarship offers, there are outside sources that do as well. One prestigious scholarship in particular, the Coca Cola Scholars Program, supports over 1,400 college students each year, with annual scholarships of $3.4 million (“Scholars Program Overview”). Of the students that are chosen, they can

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