The Cosmological and Teleological Arguments Essay

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Throughout much of the short time that humankind has spent on this planet, few questions have been raised and torn apart as often as that regarding the existence of God. Philosophers throughout the ages have tackled this monumental issue, and some of them have gone so far as to try to prove the existence of God from a logical standpoint. Arguments for and against the existence of a Creator abound, but two of these stand above the rest. The first of these is the cosmological argument which while arguable, is unfortunately not entirely disprovable. Easier to argue against is the teleological argument, which actually can be broken down so quickly that one begins to question why it ever became popular in the first place. While neither one …show more content…
Theists around the world often live using a belief system powered by this. However, if one bothers to do a little bit of research this argument can be broken down. The fundamental disproof of the cosmological argument lies within the argument itself. If we assume that everything has to have a beginning, can we not logically deduce that God himself must have had a beginning, and therefore a creator? Mackey states that "if God has a metaphysical necessity, God's existence is contingent, such that some reason is required for God's own existence" [Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 3.5]. If God has a reason behind his existence, and as such has some sort of cause, then we can no longer call him God. Having a creator would automatically disqualify a creature from the title of God, because if he is God then he does not need a creator. So, if this is correct then there can be no God because no matter how far back you go, God’s creator had to have a creator and this goes on ad infinitum. One popular solution to this problem is a proposed creation loop. God, being all-powerful, can go back in time and create himself. This however is preposterous, as it causes what is known as a predestination paradox. Any logical argument that contradicts itself cannot be trusted, and on these grounds, the cosmological argument has been disproved. If this fundamental crack in the theory is not cause enough for dismissal, other less popular disproofs do exist.

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