The Controversy Over Internet Pornography Essay

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The Controversy Over Internet Pornography

When the car industry comes to mind, you think of Detroit. When oranges come to mind, you think of Florida. When pornography comes to mind, you think of the Internet. Almost everything in today’s society has its place, and the place for the pornography industry is the Internet. Being almost inevitable, pornography has become part of everyone’s Internet experience. Whether its junk e-mail or a nasty pop-up for $3.99 a month subscriptions, its hard to say that there isn’t anyone out there who hasn’t been exposed to Internet pornography in one way or another. One reason for this is the overwhelming size the pornography industry has grown to become. For some, the easy access to the
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According to last year’s bondage convention held at the Crown Plaza LaGuardia in Queens, NY welcomed over 500 enthusiasts. With just one example of how organized Internet pornography has became it a wonder why so many still agree with its disapproval.

There are a lot of reasons to support making pornography on the Internet illegal. Reasons include the risk of a child being abducted through a pornographic chat room as well as vulgarity and explicitness of its content. In recent years attempts have been made to place government regulation on all Internet pornography. They say that strength lies in numbers. Obviously this is the case here. With all of the various sites available today it would be hard to place restrictions on something so large which already has none! Not all has been lost in the fight on pornography. In fear of fines in excess of ten thousand dollars websites have now begun to restrict membership to residents of legal age only. When joining a site, even a free on, a credit card is required for verification of your age. From all of the junk mail I have received and the pop-ups I’ve seen this tightening of the rules has not led to any decline in the number of sites out there.

For those who are weak at heart all is not lost. If you are thinking of inventing a product or starting a web-based service, the aspect of pornography prevention lies just ahead of you. Not only have

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