The Contribution of Britain to the Defeat of Germany in the Second World War

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The Contribution of Britain to the Defeat of Germany in the Second World War The Phoney War, 1939-40 By the end of September, Germany and Russia had defeated Poland. Britain and France made no effort to attack Hitler. A British Expeditionary Force of four divisions - 158,000 men with 25,000 vehicles - left for France on 11 Sept, but it was too small and poorly equipped to challenge the Nazi army. And France's strategy was dominated by the Maginot line, a defensive

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330,000 men were trapped here and they were
sitting target for the Germans. Admiral Ramsey, based in Dover,
formulated Operation Dynamo to get off of the beaches as many men as
was possible. The Belgians surrendered on 28 May, but since 26 May,
The British did not tell the French, who only found out when some
French troops, who had tried to flee to Britain, complained to their
commander that they had not been allowed to get on the boats.

345,000 Allied troops were evacuated. When they heard about it, many
private individuals sailed their yachts and paddleboats to Dunkirk to
'do their bit'. In Britain, Churchill described the withdrawal as 'a
miracle of deliverance'. He even claimed 'there was a victory in that
deliverance'. In the newspaper and newsreels, the evacuation was shown
as a successful, heroic adventure

Battle of Britain

The Battle of Britain took place between August and September 1940.
After the success of Blitzkrieg, the evacuation of Dunkirk and the
surrender of France, Britain was by herself. Hitler planned to invade
Britain. The Germans needed to control the English Channel to launch
her invasion of Britain which the Germans code-named Operation Sea

At the start of the war, Germany had 4,000 aircraft compared to
Britain's front-line strength of 1,660. By the time of the fall of
France, the Luftwaffe this was the German air
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