The Consequences of Drilling for Natural Gas Essay

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The United States relies on imports for about forty percent of its crude oil, which is the lowest rate of dependency since 1991 according to the U.S Energy Information Administration. Today our country is trying to keep on track in becoming less and less dependent. When it comes to the topic of the future ways the United States will get its fuel, most of us readily agree that the United States should become more independent by using natural gas that is already here on our land. Where this argument usually ends, however, is on the question of the consequences drilling for natural gas brings. Whereas some are convinced drilling is safe, others maintain that it is actually in fact dangerous. Hydraulic fracturing or "fracking", the terms for …show more content…
Though America will become more independent because we will not have to import as much petroleum from foreign countries and we will be more energy efficient, these costs are not worth the costs of water pollution. In 2012, fracking wells have produced about 280 billion gallons of wastewater (Ridlington 4). Fracking takes away clean drinking water, especially from areas in the west who have been in droughts for a few years now, along with record high temperatures. "To free up the oil and gas from shale deposits, anywhere from two to ten million gallons of water (along with sand and chemicals) are injected into each fracturing well. Multiply that by tens of thousands of wells and you're talking lots of water. The impacts are worse when wells are tightly concentrated" (Lubber 1). Taking away water from areas that do not have very much in the first place is very concerning. Not to mention, the very little water left for them is at great risk for contamination due to drilling. Hydraulic Fracturing companies will forever deny the health concerns related to drilling, especially when it comes to contaminated drinking and tap water. "Instances of gas bubbling from fracked sites into nearby water wells

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