The Consequences of Being a Criminal Essay

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Why obey the law? A better question would be: why not obey the law? All our lives we have been taught to do the right thing in bad situations. As children, this worked well; but, as we got older, we found that doing the wrong thing pays off. As they say, crime pays. This may be true in the short run, but it isn't so in the long run. Straying from crime not only keeps you out of jail, but it can help build better relationships, create a more fulfilling life, and more importantly, assist you in leaving something behind when you go. Do you really want to take more from the world than you give? Think about it - we wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for people who decided that right is better than wrong. I know you've heard it all before, but …show more content…
On top of all this, you have to manage getting a job with a record. No one wants to hire someone who's been locked up, simple as that. In fact, ex-offenders are only one-half to one-third as likely as nonoffenders to be considered by employers (Ruben). Along with that, approximately two-thirds (69%) of organizations reported that they conduct criminal background checks on all of their job candidates(Background Checking). In a nut shell, most jobs you'll apply for will find out about your record, and you could very well not get the job. So, just like that, you could ruin the rest of your life in one decision. If you surround yourself with criminals, bad things are bound to happen. Not all people who break the law are bad people, i know, but nothing good can come of hanging around them. The people you meet while on the straight and narrow are far better for you than those you meet while living the life you live now. The feeling that you can't truly trust anyone around you is horrible. Remember the story I told you about Nate? He knew that guy for more than 4 years! They were good friends and Nate trusted him. Then, one day the guy decides he wants to go to California and robs Nate for the funds to do so. Those kinds of things can happen to anyone in your position. However, if you surround yourself with

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