Essay about The Connection between Earth and Humans

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In today’s worldwide economy, sustainability has become a significant part of life, which had begun many years ago in past civilizations and has gradually improved and developed in today’s society. After the destruction brought about during the Holocaust, “How could anyone pretend that the human race was governed by reason, that advances in technology and science were for the greater good, when human beings were not only capable of genocide, but also possessed the ability to annihilate themselves” (Sayre 1467). Sustainability has empowered individuals to understand their potential to support and improve their quality of life, as a result protecting and enhancing the atmosphere for present and future generations. In order for individuals to …show more content…
If an individual works his entire life just to earn a living and does not appreciate or experience what the world has to offer, then what is the point in working so hard? In order for someone to discover oneself, they need to become connected with nature. In addition, “You may raise money enough to tunnel a mountain, but you cannot raise money enough to hire a man who is minding his own business. An efficient and valuable man does what he can, whether the community pay him for it or not.” (Thoreau) Thoreau describes how such economic aspects of society have distracted man and that it ought to be a small part of someone’s life or else the meaning of life gets lost. One of the most famous American painters is Asher Brown Durand, who has illustrated his passion for nature in Kindred Spirits. For example, it is the “masterpiece of American landscape painting [which] depicts American artist Thomas Cole and American poet William Cullen Bryant engulfed by the wilderness of the Catskill Mountains of New York” (Durand). This painting was a tribute to both men and the beauty of what nature has to offer, which in return illustrates their achievements and provides them with inspiration. In the painting, the waterfall symbolizes an element of serenity, the way that nature intended it to be. A kindred spirit is that of when two people understand and respect each other, no matter if the other person has

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