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Millions of conflicts have occurred throughout history, many of which are yet to be resolved. These conflicts have each impacted the world today and piece by piece have shaped many aspects of current life. However, only few conflicts have threatened to destroy an entire culture. Conflicts like these are quite strenuous and have had many adverse effects on people. The Aztec people encountered great conflict during the Spanish conquest after Hernán Cortes arrived in 1519 and started a systematic

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Later, the Qing dynasty was crushed by the Republic of China (ROC). Control over Tibet waned and China’s cultural hegemony was gone (Jian 56). When the Qing dynasty fell in 1913, Tibetans declared themselves independent and removed all Chinese officials from their government. By doing this, they became a de facto independent nation (Bajoria 2). Tibet’s independent status was not very widespread and therefore, Tibet functioned independently (“Q&A:China...” 18). This victory lasted for a few years until the People’s Republic of China intervened.

With new leadership in China, the Republic of China plotted new plans to take over Tibet using military force. Mao Zedong explains that “Although Tibet does not have a large population, its international [strategic] position is extremely important. Therefore, [they] must occupy it and transform it into a People’s Democratic Tibet” (Jian 58). Mao created a clever ruse and claimed that Tibetans were asking for China to come and liberate them from imperial forces and the feudal regime in Lhasa (Raichelle 3). The People’s Liberation Army attacked Chamdo, Tibet and resulted in a two week battle with a clear victory for the Chinese (Jian 60).The Chinese forcibly made the Lama adopt the Seventeen Point Agreement in 1951, allowing Chinese military to have a headquarters at Lhasa (Raichelle 5). The Seventeen-Point Agreement also stated that China had sovereignty over Tibet but that it would not change
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