The Conflict of Prostitution Essays

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You’re skimming through the “for sale” ads online, just wasting time in hopes to find something that will fulfill your every need. You skim across an ad that offers whatever you want, all you have to do is pay the right price. Would you do it? Would you pay? Do you think twice? Because that’s exactly what happens every day when men and women seek sexual favors. It starts with a want, and ends with a dollar sign. It’s prostitution. In today’s society, the debatable conflict of prostitution definitely affects individuals in a negative way; however, there are positive aspects to such an issue as well.
To begin, prostitution is known as one of the oldest professions, and it dates as far back as 2400 BCE (Sexton and Cushman, Web). No one can
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Prostitutes are with several sex partners every day which puts them at a higher risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases. Many sexual partners that a prostitute encounters will refuse the use of protection and offer more money to perform without it. If a virus is caught unknowingly, then the infected could spread the virus to other sexual partners throughout the day and the "cycle continues" ("Prostitution Solutions", Web). For example, if a man catches STDs form a prostitute without being aware, then he could possibly return home to have sexual intercourse with a spouse that will be at risk of catching the disease. Let’s just say that the spouse is carrying a baby, so then not only does the spouse carry the virus but the baby will catch it as well. "Fear of AIDS and other diseases cause men to seek out younger, more "virginal" girls for sex (Barry, Web). This results in the need to employ young adults in the prostitution business. Usually, young prostitutes are controlled by a pimp or a higher up that mistreats them and forces them to perform sexual acts. Also, many women and men who chose to sell themselves for money as a career end up with hard lives. Once a “worker” gets wrapped up in the sex business, they usually lose themselves in it. Each day becomes a cycle and it gets harder and harder to please someone

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