The Conflict between Palestine and Israel Essay

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A conflict between Palestine and Israel began when a promise was made by Britain in 1917 to make Palestine Israel’s homeland, and their belief that the land was meant for them since biblical times. Despite their beliefs and Britain’s promise, it still does not give them the right to drive Palestinians out of their homes. They should negotiate and come up with a peaceful agreement instead of causing conflict and violence. The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians still exists today, they have yet to find a way to resolve their conflict and live together in peace once again. There was a time where many Jewish people lived in Palestine peacefully with the Arabs. It was during the 19th century when the Turkish Ottoman Empire had …show more content…
They were adamant about gaining their independence that powers of Europe were controlling. 5 That was not their only dilemma, they were beginning to compete with the Jewish settlers that were coming in. 6 The Palestinians were already against Large amounts of Jews immigrating to their country, so they formed a riot to put a stop to it. In response to the riot Britain formed a Policy to limit the amount of Jews that immigrated to Palestine. That came to end soon after because of Britain’s attempt to salvage their good relationship with the Jews. That is when the amount of Jews began to dramatically increase. 7
“ this postcard is the last one I write as a European; today in a few hours, I will become Asian. I have absolutely no regrets for that nice cultured label’ European”’ 8
This was a statement made by an 18 year old Zionist from Vilna Poland on his journey to Palestine in 1926. Jews already began moving to Palestine because of the trouble they were having in Europe. Their settlement in Palestine was highly organized and began to expand at a quick rate. The Jewish developed a fund that helped them purchase large amounts of land. 9 That is what ultimately began the conflict between the Jews and Arabs. After being conquered by the Ottoman Empire for a long period of time, and after defeating them, they were ready to gain their independence again, only to find out that the promise made by Britain not entirely true. Britain gave the Jews the power and

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