The Comparison of Gregory from Gaskell's The Half Brother's and Michael from Dickens's The Poor Relation

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For instance when describing Frank he calls him 'a different

boy by, nature'. This perhaps suggests that Michael is reflecting his

own personality as portrayed through a make-believe Frank. However,

Frank may simply be an image of Michael's own lost son who he recalls

from his more comforting past. Dickens reference to 'difficult native'

perhaps reflects Michaels own feelings of individualism as a character

that does not easily fit in with those around him.

Using the evidence above, it can be suggested that the relationship

between Gregory and Michael's personality have similar messages and

meanings. Both characters are low in society and are disrespected in

reality. But Gregory seems to be unaffected by the reaction of the

people who judge him wrongly but Michael seems to be greatly affected

by it and so he creates a fantasy world to suit his own needs. It

could be implied that Gregory is a more stronger and confident then

Michael as a character.

Gregory's family influence and actions has an exceedingly large affect

upon Gregory's individual personality and behaviour change thus starts

the family's misapprehension of Gregory's factual traits. For example

after mother died the narrator quotes 'But every one said he
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