The Chasm between France and the United States Essay

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The Chasm between France and the United States France and the United States have a long history of alliance. In the recent past cooperation has been limited, if not reluctant on both parts, and the relationship is evolving. On some levels, the two are not called to deal directly with each other, instead, there is an American identity versus a European identity, as well as an American identity versus a French identity. However, the special relationship between France and the United States is far from being over, and good relations between the two are vital to both countries in order to pursue the national interests of each. This research will consider the differences in foreign policy perspective …show more content…
This separation has had an interesting effect in the dual efforts in the dealings with the progeny of democracy. This relationship has shown, concerning the French, it is necessary to read between the lines for ulterior motives regarding relationships. During the enlightenment, France celebrated its ideals and helped to finance the war of independence for the United States against Britain. It helped to foster the democracy in the ideological purpose of stimulating growth to the roots planted in the enlightenment period, while seeking to use its new friend against its longtime foe. In aiding in the American Revolution, France was simultaneously trying to limit the stronghold of Britain in the New World, helping the “barbaric” colonists, mainly in pursuit of their own interests.

According to Alfred Grossner, “the most acute transatlantic antagonisms were and still are those between the French and the Americans.” It is true that the French have the most antagonistic relationship with the US than any other European country. They have been the loudest critic against many US policies, including those in regard to the Bosnian crisis and the International Criminal Court.

Why, then,

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