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The Charismatic Hitler

Adolf Hitler, with promises of a new nation - a Germanic world power, economically strong and racially pure - led millions of Germans in their hope for a new national Germany and also led millions to their death. Hitler defined and put a Jewish face on Germany's enemy and promised that an elite national Germany would once more be a leading power on the European Continent (Grolier's). Hitler had an overpowering charismatic personality and by promising relief from unemployment, strength against Communism and Jewry, expansion of German territory, Hitler was able to convince Germans that following him would provide a life of comfort and security.

Hitler had a charismatic personality with a
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In an effort continue this influence, propaganda movies were made. Included in the list of self-promoting propaganda movies was one portraying Hitler as a god (Triumph of Will, 1935) and another displaying the superiority of the German, or Aryan, race (Olympia, 1936) (A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust: Holocaust Timeline).

Personality and power, although powerful tools, were not the only reasons the Germanic people followed Hitler. The German people were desperate for relief of the Depression, and Hitler provided the answer that spelled 'relief'-- economic relief. The German people, bitter over the WWI reparations and responsibility of the 'guilt clause' (Chambers 896) were economically empowered by Hitler's claim that Germany was no longer bound by the Versailles Treaty. Unemployment, which had risen to nearly 6 million people (The History Place:The Rise of Hitler) was effectively resolved by the institution of Hitler's Public Works program. Millions of Germans found employment in constructing highway systems (the Autobahnen), government offices and public housing, as well as in the rearmament factories and military service (Chambers 940).

After relieving the economic problem of employment, Adolf Hitler promised supremacy over enemies of the German people. Hitler identified the enemies of Germany and put Jewish and Bolshevik faces on his personification. Non-Aryan Jews and communists,

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