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The Character Of Sherlock Holmes

In this essay I will explain why the Victorians found Arthur Conan Doyles' Sherlock Holmes character quite so compelling and why the stories are still so popular today. Victorians will have found Sherlock Holmes' very interesting because he was an upper class educate4d gentleman and this was the sort of person who was very well respected in Victorian times, and they would also have loved how he solved all his crimes, because there police force were so unreliable.

The stories are still so popular today because we modern readers enjoy the thrill of a mystery and the tension of a case, which Conan Doyle creates. In the rest of the essay I will analyse the structure
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Also to try and catch Jack The Ripper, the police dressed male boxer's up as prostitutes in the hope that Jack The Ripper would try to kill them, but that the boxer would beat him up and Jack The Ripper would be caught. However, this is clearly stupid, as male boxers look very unlike female prostitutes, and also in those days they would not have been able to disguise them as well as we today can, so this was an idea which was not ever going to work, but the police believed it would and would also never admit to being wrong.

In this section I will analyse the structure of Arthur Conan Doyles' Sherlock Holmes stories. Nearly all of the stories follow loosely the same general structure. They start with Watson looking through the casebook and focusing on one particular story, usually the most "fantastic" or "amazing," such as "The Speckled Band." He then begins to retell the story. After this the 'vulnerable' female usually enters, such as Kate Whitney in "The Man With The Twisted Lip." This is when Holmes usually first becomes involved and instantly impresses the client by saying something amazing yet simple, e.g. in "The Speckled Band"

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