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The Caucasian Chalk Circle - Plot Notes.

Scene 1

Representatives from two kolchos villages meet to decide who should have control of a valley that was taken from the Galinsk kolchos by the Rosa Luxemburg kolchos during the war. They argue it out and finally agree on a proposal from the agronomist in favour of the Rosa
Luxemburg keeping the valley as they could put it to better use.

A singer is invited to perform a story to help them with their problem. This is called "The Chalk Circle" and starts in scene two.

Scene 2

The singer introduces the governor, Georgi Abashvili and his family and entourage. We also meet Prince Kazbeki outside the church.
Everyone goes into the church. When they return Prince Kazbeki has set
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When the ironshirts catch up, the peasant woman panics and throws herself at their mercy. Grusha hits the corporal, takes the child and runs away.

She crosses a rotting bridge and the Ironshirts don't dare to follow her. Scene 4

Grusha and Michael reach Grusha's brother in the northern mountains.
Grusha is ill from her journey and is invited by her brother to stay with them until the spring.

In the spring, the brother, Lavrenti, tells Grusha that she must marry to cover for the child. Grusha agrees to marry a dying man, so that she will be widowed when Simon returns from the war.

Grusha marries, but when the groom hears that the war is over he reveals that he was faking it to avoid fighting in the war, so Grusha has a husband. Simon returns and Grusha tells him that she is married; he sees the child and assumes that it is her with her husband. At that moment two Ironshirts come to take Michael away. Grusha cries out that he is hers, and Simon runs away. Grusha follows the Ironshirts to

Scene 5

In this scene we meet Azdak. When we meet him he is a clerk, trying to help a fugitive dressed as a beggar. Azdak soon figures out that the fugitive is actually a noble man, but helps him anyway.

He finds out that the man was actually the Grand Duke, and he escapes.
Azdak demands that the policeman, Shauva, takes him to Nukha to be tried. When they get to Nukha they

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