The Body As a Representation of the Organisation Essays

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This essay argues that managers should attempt to manage the employee’s body as it impacts various parts of the organisations especially the organisations overall performance. Section One drawing on Goss’ (1997) ‘Healthy Discipline? Health Promotion At Work’ explores the body’s impact on performance, where mangers implement health programs to improve their well being as well as their ulterior motive to increase employee’s optimum performance. Health programs stimulate healthier behaviours’ by avoiding unhealthy habits such as smoking, consumption of alcohol and lack of sleep which Brewis and Grey (2008) draw the implications to the body and more importantly performance in the workplace. The new stress of health programs and
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At face value organisations implement health programs within the work environment to ‘provide the prospect of real health benefits and an improved quality of life’ (Goss 1997, p.1) where organisation depict their caring concern for the wellbeing of their employees which would also 'improve employee relations’ (Sigman 1992, p.25 cited in Goss 1997). However as Goss (1997, p.1) articulates the organisations ulterior motive, ‘on the other hand, they [organisations] operate as forms of control supporting the extraction of higher levels of performance and commitment from employees.’ Hence employees’ bodies are treated, as an asset for a company, thus managers desire their bodies to be kept at their optimal state to produce optimal performance. Employees are an integral part of an organisation being one of the ‘most precious resources’ (Goss 1997, p.1) that perform best in positive healthy environments, where positive actions are engaged in. Consequently managers implement health programs to manage employee’s body through the prohibition of drugs, alcohol, smoking and the introduction of gyms to stimulate healthy behavior.

Without the management of the body and the regulation of unhealthy and unsafe practices damaging repercussions are to be anticipated. Drugs, alcohol, smoking and lack of sleep greatly impact the body and are detrimental to employees’ performance if undergone

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