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Comparison paper
The topic of discussion today is on the Last Supper. Not the actual event but two distinct works of art that come to mind when one imagines what it would have been like to be present during the momentous event. The works of art that I am referring to are Andrea Del Castagno’s Last Supper and The Last Supper done by Leonardo da Vinci. Both are exquisite and inspiring works of art. There are however many differences between the two. Through the course of this paper I will explore some of the differences and similarities. The location, medium and opinions of the final product. Noted by the fourteenth-century monk Ludolph of Saxony, ‘The Last Supper, the revelation of the betrayal, entered the heart of each Apostle like a
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Unlike Castagno, da Vinci’s Last Supper is all alone. There isn’t any other painting above or below. It was complete around 1495-98 some 50 years after Castagno’s. It was done with an oil-tempera in plaster, unfortunately it didn’t hold very well and has been repaired many times since its existence. It is 4.6 meters in height and 8.8 meters in width (Janson 433). Like Castagno’s it is on an end wall in a refectory, Sta. Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy. Unlike Castagno, da Vinci’s piece has the illusion that the picture never ends. The vanishing point is directly behind Christ’s head but the painting is connected to the room in such a way that it appears to be part of the room, as if one could look out the window behind the figures. It has a vantage point some 15 feet above the floor and 30 feet back (Janson 433). It does not set before us a narrative account but rather an outward expression of the inward drama of recognition (Murray 7).
As I read about Castagno’s piece I came across someone who said something along the lines of a lightning bolt striking Judas, metaphorically. What he was talking about is the six marble and porphyry squares behind the Apostles, they are directly above their heads. The marble is a very beautiful touch and as I entertained the gentlemen’s thought it appeared to me that more than one marble panel

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