The Best Football Coach: Vince Lombardi Essay

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Vince Lombardi is known as one of the best football coaches of all time. He was born in Brooklyn, New York on June 11, 1913 (Philips, 2001). Lombardi was the eldest of five children of two very devote Catholic parents (Philips, 2001). Throughout his childhood Lombardi was involved in many sports but football was his true passion (Philips, 2001). During his senior year of high Lombardi won a football scholarship to St. Francis Prep School in Brooklyn (Philips, 2001). During his time at St. Francis Prep School Lombardi was not a very strong football player but was known for his dedication and hard work (Philips, 2001). After college Lombardi had a hard time settling and finding a job that he liked (Philips, 2001). Lombardi did …show more content…
He left the Green Bay Packers after the 1967 season to coach the Washington Redskins (Maraniss, 1999).
Vince Lombardi felt that leaders are made and not born with leadership traits (Lombardi and Lombardi Jr., 2012). Throughout his early years, Lombardi picked up very important leadership qualities that made him such a great coach. First of all he had commitment to football and the game itself. One of Lombardi’s most famous quotes was “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing” (Maraniss, 1999). According to the book, What It Takes to Be Number One, Lombardi felt that 100 percent effort had to be given 100 percent of the time in order to achieve this philosophy (Lombardi and Lombardi Jr., 2012). Lombardi told his players that if you are going to play for me you are going to be 100 percent committed to this team and nothing else will matter (Lombardi and Lombardi Jr., 2012 ). Another leadership quality Lombardi possessed was discipline. According to, What It Take to Be Number One, Lombardi felt discipline meant having the drive to work hard and sacrifice things when needed (Lombardi and Lombardi Jr., 2012 ). Successful leaders may have to give up time with their family in order to meet an important deadline. A third leadership quality Lombardi possessed was mental toughness. To Lombardi mental toughness was to be able to keep your goals even when the pressure and stress was overwhelming (Lombardi and Lombardi Jr., 2012 ). He also felt

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