Essay on The Bank Robbery - Original Writing

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The Bank Robbery - Original Writing

Bob sat motionless, scanning the street from the car he has stolen two days ago, a 1987 green s-class that no one would notice. He'd been parked in front of a grocery store lot for about 2 hours tracking everyone who went in and out of the Springfield Bank. Nobody really paid attention to the cars in the grocery store lot.

Bob hadn't always been so careful. He'd spent a few years in prison because he was a bit stupid to think his plans through. But by now he had worked out some pretty good rules to follow. He figured out that it was best to pick on small town's with small bank's, just like the Springfield Bank, which didn't usually keep a large amounts of money
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Bob stretched in his car, tired from the uncomfortable sleep he got last night. He kept nodding off. His stomach kept growling. He finally decided to quickly go get a nice cup of tea. Enough customers were in the restaurant by now so he shouldn't attract much attention.

A young, good-looking woman came over to his table to take his order. "I'm Julie what can I get for you today sir?" "You look like you could do with a nice cup of tea today."

"Yes please" Bob answered, "with two sugars please."

"Anything else?"

"Nope that's all thanks."

"So you don't look around from here, you passing through?"

"Yes" he said. "Going down to Boston."

"Interesting, kind of a long drive."

"I've got plenty of time."

She moved off to take another order, and he watched her go. Friendly Lady, but probably dumb because she works taking orders of customers. She served him his tea in no time. They were really good.

Julie had sorted out all her orders for the time being so she came to Bob's table.

"So how long you have been travelling for."

"About three days now" he said.

"So why you going Boston for."

"Meet my relatives and try to find some work."

Julie's friendliness dissipated. She leaned over closely and said if you think your going to rob this place you've got another thing coming I've got the best shot than any officer around

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