The Author's Message Essay

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In life, each individual has the ability to develop unique interpretations, perspectives and decisions about a variety of topics. When someone reads a poem or hears a song he or she will interpret it in a certain way, sometimes different from the intention of the author. There are many contributing factors that bring a poem and song to life, yet we cannot say that all the factors depicted by the author have an effect on every reader. People connect with poems and songs differently, usually as a result of specific personal life experiences and memories. Authors and singers bring poems and songs to life through different methods in an effort to convey a particular message. Some of these methods used are: metaphor, tone, and sound.
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Only by analyzing the title of the poem, one can assume what it will be about and relate, possibly because one time or another we have felt guilt. Guilt is this feeling of culpability after committing an offense consciously; a culpability that we feel and constantly think of. Rich Acceta-Evans is able to use this feeling as an extended metaphor throughout the entire poem. He deliberately compares the reader to a tree, and guilt as a heavy fruit on one of the branches of that tree. “…Your guilt is heavy fruit, growing on your branches, bearing them down. Your springy sapling strength is overcome” (Acceta-Evans 1-3). This metaphor makes the reader sense the burden of feeling guilty as something that weighs down on us and cannot be overcome, unless it is solved, by taking the heavy fruit of guilt off of the tree. This feeling weighs heavy on us because there is something inside constantly reminding us what we did wrong and the only way out is to carry with the consequences until we are able to resolve it. Accetta-Evans, explains that guilt does not easily go away “…do not ask too soon to be relieved of guilt. If picked when green, this heavy fruit is hard, sterile and sour. Let it grow till its season comes. Let it ripen, sweeten, soften. Then it will loosen its grip. And drop of itself to the waiting earth, carrying seeds of a new resolve.” (Acceta-Evans 8-11). One needs to let time take its course until the sense of guilt has grown out of

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